Guest Singers

1P1C2016-Corinna-ChamberlainCORINNA CHAMBERLAIN is a Hong Kong based actress and singer. Her parents arrived in Hong Kong as missionaries from Australia and New Zealand. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she is recognized by her blonde hair and fluency in Cantonese. Corinna majored in Musical Theatre Dance graduating from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She has been a guest performer at various concerts and shows, has starred in TVB’s hit dramas, and was the second runner up of “The Voice of the Stars” in 2013.

1P1C2016-Cathy-Leung.jpgCATHY LEUNG is a local singer and songwriter.
Response to Human Trafficking:
Human trafficking is one of the most evil crimes in history! It completely destroys a human’s life, value and hope for the future. Many cases of human trafficking are closely related to prostitution; though you may not believe that such atrocity can still exist in our current ‘liberated’ generation, everyday there are still countless people that are being sold into the sex industry, and forced to become child prostitutes and slaves. These people suffer from endless pain, and even often lose their lives. Such an unjust and evil act must be entirely eliminated!
The problems of human trafficking is relevant to all of us; the huge amount of revenue earned from these lucrative activities provide the funds for gangs and criminals to continue practicing illegal acts, which is detrimental for our society as a whole. I believe that we all share the responsibility to fight against and to stop all killings and destruction that stems from human trafficking.

1P1C2016-Frances-ChiuFRANCES CHIU is a singer-songwriter and author, born in Hong Kong and grew up in Sweden. Her passion is to use music, words and paintings to encourage people, and to share God’s love.

Additional Performances By:
Ping Pong Acapella Group
Eden Children’s Choir 伊甸樂園
iStrings3820 featuring Jon Lee
Cybil Chan
Zino Chan
ICA Dance Team
1P1C Nations Presentations