Local Leaders

VIPs of 2011 include the Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs, Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development (HKSAR), the Executive Director of Asia Human Rights, and Consuls General and representatives from the Philippines, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Mr. Claro S. Cristobal
(Former Consul General of The Philippines 前菲律賓駐港領事館總領事)
To me it is further proof Asia is the world’s city and it shows how cosmopolitan it is and how welcoming and hospitable it is to people of different cultures and heritage. To me it is also a symbol of people wanting to live in harmony and in peace and with full understanding of one another and that I congratulate ICA for this wonderful project and I hope the church does this every year for the wonderful things it can achieve for the people of Hong Kong.

Ms. Penprapa Poomrin
(Former Thai Consul General 前泰國駐港總領事)
First of all thank you very much for inviting us. We are happy to be here and see so many nationalities and so happy we can get together through the 1P1C event.

Mr. Tsang Tak-Shing 曾德成先生
(Former Secretary For Home Affairs – HKSAR 前香港特別行政區民政事務局局長)
We are very concerned about the welfare of ethnic minorities here and we hope that Hong Kong will be a compassionate cosmopoitan city where different nationalites, ethnic minorities and the local majorities can live together in harmony.

Mr. Noel Servigon
(Former Consul General of The Philippines 前菲律賓駐港總領事)
You know Sunday is a very busy day for the Philippine Consulate but of course it includes the 1P1C event this morning, which we cannot miss being supportive of.

Mr. Basil Fernando
(Executive Director of Asia Human Rights Commission 亞洲人權組織行政總裁)
Together we are capable of helping to provide better welfare for the vulnerable people, the poor and outsiders, migrant workers, the older people, and the disabled people. This is a good forum for people to raise these issues and I hope this event will encourage further gathering and better understanding among the people.

Mr. Jilid Kuminding
(Former Consul General of Malaysia 前馬來西亞駐港總領事)
It’s a very wonderful event. People are very happy and I think it will boost Hong Kong’s image as Asia’s world city, so I congratulate the organisers for this wonderful event. Thank you.

Mr. Frederick Ma 馬時亨先生
(Former Secretary of Commerce & Economic Development – HKSAR 前香港特別行政區經濟事務局局長)
I think it’s great that ICA has organised this 1P1C event because we are a church that cares. And seeing all the nations together and all the proceeds going to charity, I think it is a very meaningful event. God bless us.

Mr. Binod Kumar Upadhyay
(Former Consul General of Nepal 前尼泊爾駐港總領事)
At 1P1C there are so many Christians participating and meeting each other. In Hong Kong, there are so many Nepalese, nearly 40,000. Nepal is predominantly a Hindu and Buddhist country, only around 3% are Christian. So this is good event to represent Nepalese Christian community in Hong Kong.