What does 1 PEOPLE 1 CITY mean?
Although we are from different nationalities and cultures, we share a common destiny:
1 PEOPLE, being here together, in 1 CITY – Hong Kong.

What is 1 PEOPLE 1 CITY about?
It is a family carnival to celebrate the cultural diversity of Hong Kong with the community leaders (government officials and consulates) and through it raise funds for the poor, needy and less fortunate in Hong Kong.

Who is behind 1 PEOPLE 1 CITY?
The event is organised by ICA Hong Kong in partnership with The Mekong Club. It is a gathering of international communities to bless the needy and less fortunate in the city.

Dignitaries from consulates including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand, Phillippines, Sri Lanka and Nepal will be invited to represent their people and show support for the cause.

Why do we organise 1 PEOPLE 1 CITY?
As part of the international community in Hong Kong, we have been blessed by the city. In return we want to give something back to the city by blessing the poor and needy.

What activities are there?
It is a celebration through a multi-cultural fair with something for everyone, including:
Non-stop LIVE performances for all ages
Gourmet Coffee Corner,
Games for all ages,
Bargain Bazaar,
Bouncy Castle for kids
Celebrity Guest Appearances,
And more…

How are funds raised?
Through your generous support and donations, vouchers bearing caring points will be given for each donation of HK$100. These vouchers can be used for food redemption and at the games and bazaar booths at the fair.

What proportion of the funds go to the charities?
100% of all coupon sales go to support the charities.
None of it goes into administration cost or expenses for the fair.
The food, products and facilities at the fair are all fully sponsored by ICA HK, church members, and corporate sponsors.

How can I contribute?
Contribute to the charities through donation for Caring Points.
Don’t just redeem the Caring Points for yourself, bless your friends as well (and in the process bless the needy.)
Come with your friends or family for an enjoyable time.

What is there to spend at the fair?
Don’t think of what you can exchange for or how much you can redeem at the fair. Instead, consider how much you can give to the needy.

What if I can’t attend the event?
We still encourage you to give generously because the moment you make a donation, you have already blessed the needy – as every cent goes to the charities.

Where are the raised funds going to?
Funds raised will go towards helping the efforts and raise awareness of Anti-Human Trafficking in Hong Kong.

According to the Slavery index (2014), it is estimated that there are roughly 13,600 human trafficking victims in Hong Kong. Most of the victims do not speak the language and they have no way to reach out for help. Currently, there are very few organisations that work to address the reality of human trafficking and modern day slavery in the city of Hong Kong.

How are you helping the victims of Human Trafficking?
Our goal is to increase general awareness and support within the business community and NGO community as well as community leaders to the reality of human trafficking and modern day slavery in the city of Hong Kong. We will provide training and workshops to NGOs, so that they can better assist the victims of human trafficking and prevent vulnerable populations from being victimized.

Can I be part of the event?
Contribute products that can be sold or offered during the event.
Donate towards setting up the event – buying food and products, infrastructure.
Volunteer to serve at the event.