Multi-Cultural Festival

1 PEOPLE 1 CITY (1P1C) is International Christian Assembly’s event to show its commitment to the city of Hong Kong and at the same time reflect the ethnic and social diversity that is both the nature of Hong Kong and that of International Christian Assembly (ICA), an international church in Hong Kong.


1 PEOPLE 1 CITY is blessed to have the support of community leaders from a wealth of backgrounds. We are proud to stand with them to celebrate cultural diversity, unity, and community and to join hands to support the underprivileged. Past 1P1C events have witnessed an outpouring of support from leaders and former heads of departments of the Hong Kong government, consulate generals and consuls from the international consulates of Thailand, Philippines, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Israel, and Malaysia, as well as executive directors of major international commissions and local Christian organizations. The endorsement of these leaders makes the event a special success. Their partnership fosters the quintessential values of diversity, unity, community and compassion that contribute to a healthy and peaceful society. We commend them and thank them for their support!


The 1P1C event over 7 and 8 May, 2016 at the Southorn Playground in Wanchai is organized as a carnival with various cultural and social activities as well as the opportunity to shop and where the diverse ethnicities of the city and the church will be represented. Through it, Hong Kong’s international community will be coming together to celebrate the city’s diversity and at the same time contribute back to the community. Community leaders including HK government officials and Consul Generals have been invited to take part in the event. ICA is collaborating with the Mekong Club, a well-established NGO that works to help support the fight against human trafficking, to host this third 1 PEOPLE 1 CITY Charity Event.


This year, all the proceeds raised through this event will be donated to the Mekong Club and will be used to finance their various Anti-Human Trafficking projects and efforts in Hong Kong.






於今年5月7至8日在灣仔修頓球場舉行的「同一天空下」慶典,將會是一次慶祝這城巿及教會中不同文化及種族的嘉年華會。藉著會中設置不同種族色彩的攤位及活動,讓本港不同國籍的群體能有機會互相慶祝以及回饋社會。本港政府官員及多國領事館代表也被邀約出席。是次嘉年華會,ICA 更與一向致力支援打擊人口販賣工作的MEKONG CLUB合作,共同主辦第三屆的「同一天空下」慈善活動。


今年第三屆所籌得善款,將會捐助MEKONG CLUB,用作支持打擊本地人口販賣工作的各類型項目。

Tighter Bonds

Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to serve and learn about working together to make a difference. Personally, the event made each of us stronger in unity and in fellowship, friends becoming better friends, brothers…

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Why do I support this event? You can see all these people here, despite the rain. I believe people do want to integrate together for a harmonious community in Hong Kong. These are values we want to promote. We hope that Hong Kong will be a cosmopolitan city, where all different nationalities, ethnic minorities, together with the locals, can live together in harmony.


I think it's great that ICA has organised this 1P1C event because we are a church that cares. And seeing all the nations together and all the proceeds are going to charity.